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Our story so far.


About us

When two generations met over a glass of wine, they decided to offer the world an experience that strayed away from the traditional online shopping website and transform the experience in a moment-centered fashion. A central hub where people can exchange about their passion for wine, but also for creating a perfect setup to an evening, a wedding, a dinner…

Why? Because it’s mostly always about what was said, what was implied or about the unpredictability you find yourself creating lasting memories in life. Wine is often but a witness of these precious snapshots of life being lived to the fullest extent.

Our products, our customer care, all is guided towards having a great experience.

It’s about those Grape moments.

Cheers to life

The Grape Things Co. was founded by a successful international wine accessories distributor, a passionate social media expert, a design and technology nerd and a savvy programmer with tons of knowledge. A 20 year old, a 30 year old, a 40 year old… and an older fellow (!)

All have a passion in common : giving you best-in-class experience and customer care.

We hope you enjoy your visit and come see us from time to time! We will keep working hard at innovating and bringing in new products, ideas and experiences.

Our Team

  • jean-francois-lanoue


    Savvy Programmer

  • alexandre-bouchard


    Design And Technology Nerd

  • jean-francois-lanoue

    Mister Experience

    International Wine Accessories Distributor

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